Friday, January 11, 2013

Thoughts on Flannel Pajamas

Hi Winster Friends!
I was just watching Al Roker present the latest storm sweeping the country. Two feet of snow from Nevada to Minnesota today. We are officially sandwiched in between the hope of a White Christmas and the seemingly endless wait for Spring.

Being from the east, and having just visited my family over Christmas, I know how your mindset changes from one of wonder at every beautiful flake pre-December 25th to one of disdain all the way through April. The gray days bleed into black nights and you cocoon inside, in my case never taking off my flannel pj's. Which count as clothes now? I guess you just throw on a pair of boots and pretend they're pants. I see all the kids doing it :)

I think living in California, we're programmed to do things. The great weather forces us in to work and school every day, pushes us to exercise, run errands, make plans. There's something to be said for a season that allows you to rest and sit with your thoughts. Or in our case, sit at our computers and play with our friends. Nice segue, huh?

In the spirit of cocooning in our pj's, Winster is throwing a little pre-mid-winter Happy Hour tomorrow, Saturday January 12th from 3-4pm PST (6-7pm EST for those of you who are actually freezing). Free Spins and no ads! It's a make-up for those of you who were locked out during the last hour of our New Year's event.

See you there in your best flannels/pants :)


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