Friday, January 18, 2013


Good Morning Winster Friends,
I'm thinking that basic civility seems to be at an all time low. Standing in line at Starbucks this morning, a simple thing we all learned in grade school, a young woman came in and got in line behind me. As the line got shorter, she started inching up and eventually was standing next to me. As the Starbucks worker called "next" she went right ahead of me and ordered!
And don't get me started on drivers. Honking at you because they perceive you to be going too slow, only to speed by, give you the glare and mouth choice words in your direction, and then have to stop at the same light next to you up the road.
Whenever I felt I was getting the short end of the stick as a kid, my mother used to say "you'll get your reward in heaven".  Not very comforting for a six year old, but wiser than I gave her credit for. And I don't think you have to wait that long. Watching the madman sit at the light trying to maintain his anger or standing to get your coffee with the girl who cut in front of you is reward enough. They generally feel stupid and that's pretty rewarding.
So it's nice to be working with people like you who would rather work collaboratively than competitively and are appreciative for the things our little Winster team can give them. I don't think we'll ever make a million dollars for running this site but we'll "get our reward in heaven" :)


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