Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Winsters!

Happy 2013 Winsters!

Although I'm a true believer in selective bad luck taboos (I never walk under ladders or open umbrellas in the house), my mother always told me that the number thirteen was lucky for me because she was born on the thirteenth. And without her, I wouldn't exist. So, whether it's true or not, I've always felt a little luckier in row thirteen airplane seats or on the thirteenth floor. And, to be honest I've won my share of roulette in Vegas betting on that number.

So 2013 feels like it'll be my year. And if the end of last year was any indication, I'm sure that's true. All of us at Winster are really touched by the camaraderie that exists on the site and we feel lucky to have become a part of it last year. If Winster has proven anything, it's that people can find friendship and commonality through the simplest things, like sharing a gift or playing for the same goal. Kind of makes you put your faith back in humanity :)

Have a wonderful New Years Day and I'll see you in the games!

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