Friday, February 8, 2013

I Heart You

Before I understood the new normal that exists in schools (at least in California schools), I once sent cupcakes to my daughter's class on her birthday. Saying I may as well have handed the teacher a live grenade is not an understatement. After I pushed them on her, I found out later that they were given to the parents at the end of the day so they could dispose of them at will. I relayed this story to my family back east and they all agreed that "she should be taken out of that hippie school immediately!"

Years later, I'm still trying. Spending my nights researching acceptable ways to make a child feel special without alienating or offending anyone. Last night, I was on a mission to figure out Valentine's Day treats. In this particular school, they don't allow cards or gifts to be given so I thought a "snack" for the class would be acceptable. I settled on a treat bag full of pink yogurt pretzels and dried strawberries. Score one for the "hippies".

Rest assured, when my daughter gets home, she will open the door to a two-pound, heart shaped box of chocolate and a weird stuffed animal with a heart in it's paws. I will not go down without a fight.

And to the rest of you in my life, I hope you all feel special this Valentine's Day as well. I recommend a personal box of chocolates (purchased on the 15th for half off) so that you can have a bite out of each one :)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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