Friday, March 8, 2013

The Trading Post

This week at Winster we've been tackling the issue of trading pieces in our games. Since we pride ourselves on being a collaborative site where helping each other out is our differentiator, we never spent much time on this issue. We just assumed everyone liked to trade.

Our crack research tells us that trading falls into a few categories:
1. Player unselfishly gives up a piece they may need to someone else who needs it more.
2. Player makes an even trade and both players get what they want.
3. One player decides what another players hand will look like and forces them to take pieces.
3. Player harasses another player into trading for something they need.

Although most players fall into categories one and two, which is what we intended when making it collaborative, you'd be surprised at how many times I am traded random things.  I blindly accept, thinking someone sees a pattern in my hand before I do and then realize no, this player is trying to PLAY my hand or TAKE my pieces.

And then of course, there are the really bad apples. The wild card and Winnie thieves who complain when you don't willingly hand them a big win. And in some cases, they get nasty. We put them in the category of "well, it's the internet and there are a lot of crazies out there".

That said, I have been in rooms where someone will announce "Nancy hasn't had a jackpot yet, let's help her get one!" and then everyone gives her wild cards or Winnies until she wins. I like those people. A lot.

So the lesson in today's rambling is one your mother taught you many times, just say NO. If something seems suspicious, trading is an option but not a requirement. Like tipping or wearing shoes.

Have a great weekend Winsters!

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  1. Good post! I've run into the exact same situations. Bad trading becomes infectious and turns me into a bad trader. However, selfless traders make me a better at trades… at least I hope it makes me better. Unless I'm oblivious to how bad I